New Zealand in 4K

This video, shot in 4k of New Zealand vistas, is visually spectacular (even though my own display is not in 4k resolution). Watch it in full screen mode and enjoy the quality AND see why visiting New Zealand should be on your bucket list:

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  1. alan geeves says:

    A fantastic video but only showing a small portion of what New Zealand has to offer. If you love the outdoors its definitely the place to live and a place to visit at least once if you can.
    Why is it that this video plays fine from Opera and Explorer but only sound in Firefox?

  2. Steve Borsch says:

    Hi Alan,

    No question that I’ve seen many, many travelogues about New Zealand (one reason I want to go!) and know it offers so much more than landscapes. This video just gives a glimpse.

    Actually, I have no idea why it won’t play in Firefox. I’ve been noticing some embedded Vimeo videos not appearing inside pages I view in Chrome too. I suspect it is that some embeds (though I don’t think mine are…but will look) are using HTML5 players as a default. So maybe ensure your Firefox version is current (which it undoubtedly is…).

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