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One of my first posts back on December 10th had to do with podcasting. Tonight I was reading about a new tool called ccPublisher (a tool which allows users to easily license their work, and optionally upload it to the Internet Archive for free hosting and cataloging). This tool has been delivered by the Creative Commons (CC) folks and a host of content is available there offered under this new CC method for copyrighting and licensing works.

Some Mac radio guys have uploaded something interesting called “Podcasting 101”. It’s a nice primer on what podcasting is…but is a teensy bit sophomoric. Still, it gives the basics and has a nice overview of RSS ‘wrappers’ for an audio file, etc.  Take a peek.

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Podcasting hit the mainstream in July of 2005 when Apple added podcast show support within iTunes. I'd seen this coming so started podcasting in May of 2005 and kept going until August of 2007. Unfortunately was never 'discovered' by national broadcasters, but made a delightfully large number of connections with people all over the world because of these shows. Click here to view the archive of my podcast posts.