Are we killing our future?

I promised myself that I was going to stay away from religion and politics on my blog and instead concentrate on technology and other future trends — and leverage my own happy-ass optimistic side and write about fun stuff.

But I’ve been doing a lot of reading tonight. When I think about the future — and especially the one my kids will inherit — our accelerating budget deficit scares me. Offshoring and the possibility it will be two or more generations before the world experiences equilibrium with wages and skills and the U.S. creates new industries that will accelerate full employment of American workers (like my children) concerns me. Sarbanes Oxley causing business leaders to bend over for regulatory anal probes causing cost concerns and roadblocks to innovation gives me pause.

When it comes to technology and the future trends I get jazzed about, the network effect helps ensure that knowledge, innovation and the means for producing it becomes less and less dependent upon geography and more upon discovering ‘openings’ in markets and opportunities to disrupt or take over markets as they are maturing. Those who are doing this disruption and takeover are not necessarily in the United States of America.

Hmmm…not sure where I’m headed with this post or these thoughts. But without a strong dollar, an economy continuing to be open to innovation, and the infrastructure and workers with skills to take us in to the future, then it’s likely the future bloggers connecting the dots will have names like Pramadur Rangnekar, Yong Hahn, or Takumi Shou.

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