Missing Link: Milky Way to the Big Bang

pia05988Australian astronomers have discovered the so-called missing link that relates modern galaxies such as the Milky Way to the Big Bang that created the universe almost 14 billion years ago.

“The project – called the two-degree field galaxy Redshift survey – involved mapping the three dimensional distribution in space of 220,000 galaxies, using complex astronomical instruments at the Anglo-Australian telescope in north-western New South Wales.”

220,000 galaxies!?! Regardless of how often I think about the vastness of our universe, the number of galaxies — and stars within them and planets circling each of those billions of stars — makes me continue to contemplate the unlikely possibility God placed only us in the universe.

In a Scientific American article last year it suggested that the big bang was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state. Though I cannot remember all details of this article, I do remember one theory that our universe — and its continuing expanding state — could’ve been the result of our universe being spawned out of “the back end” of a black hole.

What that means is in some *other* universe, light and matter get sucked in to a black hole. Then there is an explosion (a big bang) blowing the super condensed matter out behind it thus creating a new universe in some other dimension. Possibly there are then an infinite number of universes being born out of every black hole. Pretty cool theory, heh?

Though when I get all mystical and cosmic thinking big thoughts about our infinite universe, God and the meaning of life, I realize that there is probably some guy, in some other universe, sitting in his underwear right this minute watching their version of The Simpsons.

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