Viva Las Vegas

I’ll be at a major computer vendor partner show in Las Vegas for a few days and I was reflecting on my first experiences there and how much it has changed.

I started going to Las Vegas about 25 years ago for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and a variety of other venues (and occasionally for fun). Did my fair share to keep the lights on by leaving money behind, but that was in my foolish days (my Grandpa once told me, “Steve…gambling is a tax on the stupid”).

Just like watching your kids grow up, it’s pretty amazing how the passage of time, growth, death and rebirth is almost imperceptible as time marches by. Just thinking on the LV of 25 years ago vs. today is stunning.

When I began going there, LV was still in an afterglow of the time when the Rat Pack, Mafia and unseemly behavior was the norm instead of today’s more family and couple orientation. CES was huge and occurred twice per year since there were tons of Ma & Pa retailers selling electronics, along with many local and regional chains. Now it’s Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart and Target so having two huge shows a year is overkill since there are fewer buyers. CES is now once a year and much smaller.

Comdex (the Computer Distribution Expo) was ENORMOUS with 130,000+ attendees at its peak and, at one point, filled something like 9 buildings. Due to problems in the industry and retail consolidation (Best Buy, Circuit City et al), Comdex was skipped in 2004 and may not be back.

Las Vegas has sure changed. On this page of photos, virtually none of these properties had been built 25 years ago. Yikes.

One constant though…Elvis is still there.

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