Power of Point of View: Homeland Insecurity

I chatted tonight with my daughter about what she wants to do with her life. Because of her sensitivity, creative abilities and her interest in doing something meaningful to save the world, documentary filmmaking came up. This got me to thinking as I was poking around on the ‘net tonight.

During tonight’s web surfing adventure I came across a short documentary video called, “Homeland Insecurity.” A couple of thoughts:

  1. This was done by a couple of film students and is remarkably polished. Viewing this makes me all the more interested in consuming content being produced by independent filmmakers, podcasters and bloggers. I’m really motivated to read, see and hear new and fresh ideas.
  2. The point of view presented on homeland insecurity is one I’ve had: the precautions against terrorism are at times amusingly ineffective and bothersome (removing your shoes at security in an airport) to the disturbing (seeing patrols stopping a panel truck by my own airport in Minnesota).

Seeing that others much younger than I are thinking big thoughts about this matter and are observant of the incongruities and realities of a post-terrorism U.S. — makes me feel hopeful about our future.

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