My visit to Mars today…

Between coffee this morning and lunch, I headed over to a local market and was abducted by aliens. Thankfully they were from Mars where anal probes are NOT in vogue.

I knew no one would believe my whirlwind trip, so I begged Commander Dweebezaarb (CD) to take a quick pic in front of the Mars rover (by the way, he’s pretty pissed that we’re sending stuff up there with no intention of retrieving it).

One hilarious thing happened today that I’ve just got to jot down before I forget how funny it was: CD told me a story. Seems there was a Martian teacher and his student in the underground bar beneath the Gusev Crater. They were sitting on these hard bar stools talking about famous Earth philosophers when the teacher said to the student, “Have you read Marx?” and he said, “Yeah…I think it’s from these stools.”

Oh man…those Martians are a hoot.


UPDATE: OK…this was funny to my 10 year old and only got a courtesy laugh from my wife.

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  1. Laurence Baker on April 20, 2005 at 1:59 am

    I’m still trying to get straight on the true facts behind these things, but has anyone read Michael Chrichton’s book State of Fear? Although it’s ultimately fiction, there are a ton of references to the facts behind the global warming debate and some very good arguments supporting the idea that it doesn’t exist.

    It’s one man’s opinion, but given that he’s one of the people Ken Wilber has posted an hour long conversation between the two of them on his site, it seems that he considers Michael to be a very credible source.

    I personally put a lot of weight on that becasse for one, fact is very few have of us the time or inclination to really study all of the facts, so it comes down to who we choose to listen to.

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