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My little girl has somehow ended up a young woman. A woman with skills, talents, hopes and dreams. A person with a fundamental disinterest in material things and a great passion for the downtrodden and the least among us — which includes animals. She delights in people and animals and is an amazingly caring person.

In her volunteering she was involved in Perspectives Family Center, an organization that provides interim housing for adults and children in transition and immediate need. The staff chose her — from among many — to be the sole honoree in a community youth recognition.

Besides being the typical proud papa filled with an additional amount of love for her, I was impressed by who this person is and that other people see someone with a remarkable presence and poise that I rarely get to see. The person I interact with often is someone that sees me as an authority figure from whom she needs to exert her independence. But that’s not who she is…and I got to hear first hand the other night about her and the impact and change she has already brought to the world.

The only thing you can hope for as a parent is to instill in one’s children the values, good judgement, and an outlook on the world that is a positive one. Armed with those attributes, you further hope that they’re prepared to accelerate in to adulthood successfully. As evidenced by my post the other day about “The Man Who Planted Trees”, this young woman I helped bring in to the world has *already* changed it and is well on her way in to a remarkable adulthood.

My little girl young woman is prepared and — based on this event and others — is ready for more success which she already deserves.

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