FAA: No Billboards in Space

Imagine looking up in the night sky and — instead of looking for the Big Dipper or thinking about a galaxy far, far away — you instead see a lit up advertisement for, say, Marlboro’s.

According to this Reuters article, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has proposed to amend its charter to allow them to enforce a law against “obtrusive” advertising up in space.

Don’t know how the United States can stop another country from launching rockets that would deploy orbiting advertisements over our country (maybe I’m just ignorant of actual international laws already in place to stop it). As soon as something is possible, there is always someone there to exploit it. Heck…just look at what it’s like when you’re in Disney World, a football game in an open-air stadium, or on a crowded Florida beach and planes trailing banners suddenly appear overhead.

<sarcasm> There’s a lot of perfectly good darkness every night just crying out to be filled with ads. </sarcasm>

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