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Good article in Business Week about “Blogging on the Go”. Though mobile blogging (moblogging) and email entry to a blog (post title is the “Subject” line and the body of the email is the post itself) have been around for some time, it’s the combination of blog hosters, image uploading, and on-the-fly posting that has become easier over the last 12 months or so.

My blogging provider (Typepad) is mentioned as a “not so easy” site to accept moblog photos from a cell phone. To that I say, “who cares?” since the immediacy of crappy mobile phone images seems to be minimally interesting at best.

Still, I recall hearing a lecture about the power of moblogging, blogging, text messaging and all the digital tools now in the hands of mere mortals. The setup was like this:

“Imagine you’re standing on a sidewalk on a nice sunny day waiting for an event to take place. You have your mobile phone in hand to take a snapshot of President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade wending its way through Dealy Plaza. You notice dozens and dozens of like-minded citizens…along with many more dozens of photographers, people holding video cameras, and even some guy called a “podcaster” with a portable audio field recording device.”

How would that have changed our analysis of that fateful November day in 1963? How will future events be changed because of the recording capability we have at our fingertips today?

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  1. Chris Koehn on June 23, 2005 at 2:33 am

    “To that I say, “who cares?” since the immediacy of crappy mobile phone images seems to be minimally interesting at best.”

    Agreed. I think that is one reason why videoblogging still kinda stinks right now. The quality sometimes really puts me off, especially if I am looking at poorly compressed footage.

    I wonder what sort of content is so important that it has to be immediately posted via poor quality mobile gadgets?? It’s somewhat neat at first, but it loses it’s novelty really fast.

    That said, I think I will up the quality of my compression on my site’s content. It will still be the same old boring stuff, but damn will it ever look nice, and use up bandwidth!

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