Google’s World Domination Strategy

Microsoft’s, er I mean Google’s, world domination strategy has taken another step forward with Google Talk, an instant messaging (IM) and voice service. It’s kinda, sorta open but the full and complete Google Talk client requires Microsoft Windows to function.

Huh!?!  Where is Linux? Mac? (Should point out that there are IM clients that work with Google IM but not the ‘Talk’ function). So maybe this should be branded, “Google Talk if you run Windows since you’re a butthead for not running an operating system like most of the planet so you’ll have to type instead of talk.” I know, I know…it’s a bit long for a trademark or tagline.

The whole point to Tim Berner’s Lee invention of the World Wide Web was openness and interoperability. I’ve been pissed off for years when I use web applications or systems that require an OS or browser specific implementation to run. I should mention that I use Windows at work and home, Mac OS X at home (my preferred platform) and run a Linux distro (SuSE) at home too…mainly just to goof with and learn. So I *could* use this service instead of Skype if I could use it on any OS.

Skype has clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. Google is being touted for their very cool AJAX web application called GMail (which I *love* and use all the time…but it’s platform and browser agnostic). So how hard would it be for them to develop a base-case platform that a client could access from any OS?

Look at what they’re doing with Blogger, Picasa and Google Toolbar and the Windows-centrism they sport. Perhaps that is why they’re raising another $4.2B and have hired tons of software engineers — to actually deliver open format solutions regardless of platform.

By the way, nice Salon article by Scott Rosenberg that concurs and is a good read.

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