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Extreme Specialization

With my kids back in school and having just gone to the parent’s “curriculum overview” last night (previewing the upcoming year’s teaching and the basics my kids will be learning), this first article in a CNet series really hit home. It did so since I’ve given A LOT of thought to the internet as our collective consciousness as well as been having profound observational experiences as of late surrounding the extreme specialization the internet enables.

The CNet series is dubbed, “Intelligence in the Internet Age” and starts out with:

A few thousand years ago, a Greek philosopher, as he snacked on dates on a bench in downtown Athens, may have wondered if the written language folks were starting to use was allowing them to avoid thinking for themselves.

Today, terabytes of easily accessed data, always-on Internet connectivity, and lightning-fast search engines are profoundly changing the way people gather information. But the age-old question remains: Is technology making us smarter? Or are we lazily reliant on computers, and, well, dumber than we used to be?

Lazily reliant on computers? Not a chance since the internet fosters extreme specialization.

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