Nikon fills rebate….but how?

My post on August 29th called A Nikon example of why I *hate* rebates was a rant about Nikon *not* fulfilling my rebate on a lens I purchased from them. But curiously a check showed up in today’s mail.

Nikon’s original rebate denial letter to me stated they couldn’t fulfill the rebate since,“The Original Yellow Part-2 world-wide warranty form was not included. Copies are not acceptable.” They also stated, “Please be sure to resubmit all materials within 21 days of the date at the top of this letter to be eligible to receive your rebate.Hmmm…not possible since the missing material was in the original envelope!

Even though the *only* action I took was to write the 8/29 post (and email Nikon customer support with the URL), imagine my surprise when today’s mail contained a check! While I’m pleased they fulfilled their promise of a rebate since I had provided 100% of the required information, how did they fill it if the original “Yellow Part-2 world-wide warranty form” was missing? Did someone in public relations email the rebate payment group to make sure I was sent a rebate?

You should see my logs of how people come to my blog. I’ve had numerous people search on “hate rebates” in Google and come directly to my blog and that Nikon rebate rant (on Google my post is the fifth ranked search result). People have also come here from the excellent Digital Photography Review site where I posted in one of the forums…a place where I’m certain Nikonians troll and may have visited my blog from there.

I still and always will hate rebates….plus my name was misspelled on the check which is a tiny error but is yet another irritant.

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