Microsoft creating FUD with Google Advertisers

Joi Ito today pointed to an eWeek article by Ryan Naraine entitled, “MS Research: Typo-Squatters Are Gaming Google.” Gee…what possible incentive would Microsoft have for uncovering such a travesty?

In the words of an old mentor of mine, “Borsch…discover someone’s incentives and you’ll understand the why behind any move.” To me Microsoft’s incentives are obvious: scare the beejesus out of Google’s advertisers to slow down their advertising cash-cow as one step in a campaign to enter Google’s space.

This is such a laughingly blatant Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) play on the part of Microsoft that a more overt interpretation needs to be articulated by Mr. Naraine vs. this opening sentence: “Researchers at Microsoft Corp. have blown the lid off a large-scale, typo-squatting scheme that uses multi-layer URL redirection to game Google’s AdSense for domains program.” Or maybe it’s just me not realizing that most readers would probably immediately understand the hidden agenda behind this move?

Naraine’s column needs to scream, “OPINION” at the top. I’ve come to expect much, much more from eWeek.

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