Google Analytics: Study up before you sign up

Been thinking more about Google Analytics and how fabulous it is that they’re providing so much power for free. They’re just so nice! It has to be that huge market cap that is driving them to be so altruistic.

Yeah, right.

As a young guy just starting out in the sales game and negotiating with a major mass merchant, I was taught some baseline knowledge by an old mentor of mine. He drilled in to my head to *always* think about and try to determine the other party’s incentives. That way you’ll have a fighting chance to do some realistic scenario planning and understand possible outcomes and negotiate toward a win-win.

Imagine that you got a call today from a Google representative asking how many customers you have. What they buy from you and how frequently. How many respond to your direct mail campaigns or sales calls. Would you tell them? You will…if you sign up with Google Analytics.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing as I don’t have all the data and they’ve allegedly claimed they have no such plans. I’m not the only one who sees the implications though.  Just be aware. Study up before you sign up.

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