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The news today that CBS is the last major TV network to offer its evening programs on iTunes (which sells about 1 million videos a week) joining ABC, NBC and Fox in this new distribution medium for programming made me think…again…about how things have changed.

It seems like such a short time ago that the primary electronic medium drawing our attention was radio…which was then eclipsed by TV. As I grew up, I spent hours every day in front of the tube — similiar to how my son invests *his* time in video gaming or on the computer — and today I barely turn the thing on unless it’s to watch a DVRecorded show.

Now I’m ripping DVD’s on to my iPod (shhh…it’s only for me and I’ve done two for when I travel…and this is fair use) and I watch stuff in chunks when I’ve got down time in an airport or some other place where I’m waiting (though listening to podcasts takes up most of those moments). My brain synapses fire like mad when I’m free-associating on the internet…and find that I love the learning and input that goes along with feeding my brain in this manner.

Still, I get nostalgic for what was. In Minnesota, there is a museum dedicated to radio and television called the Pavek Museum and it’s a delight to go there and remember and see what these mediums were like at the beginning. This great resource also holds special significance for anyone who has grown up in the Twin Cities since there is so much about local TV personalities (whom I watched as I grew up) and it’s a kick to see old videos, gear, sets and biographies.

What will our kids be nostalgic about? Halo2? That quaint little virtual world Second Life which can’t hold-a-candle to MegaWorld in 2025? Those silly little NintendoDS or PSP handhelds vs. BrainConnector2050?

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