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Not Griff Wigley but is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not Griff Wigley but is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger

Was poking around Griff Wigley’s blog today and am truly enjoying the quality of his posts. Always alot of food for thought and I find when I read his posts, it opens my mental doors just a hair further which often lets in other thoughts.

After reading Griff’s blog, another of my favorites, OpenBusiness, had a fabulous post today that slid right through the same mental door. The post is about why people work for free. Open source, associations, Wikipedia…all are places that people invest alot of time and energy in and the nature of these are changing as more and more people connect online and can participate virtually.

Within the post was a link to a blog I’d not heard of before: Principled Innovation (PI). PI advises the association space and had a followup post. PI is now part of my aggregator must-read list.

This is amazing stuff and really informs much of what I’ve been wrestling with and researching regarding community motivations, what is the magic sauce to deliver a really useful community site, and superior ways to connect people and leverage the network effect.

Here’s what always amazes me: this stuff is all free. It’s not deep or broad usually, but for those of us groping our way along trying to figure out what’s going on, strong blogs like these three are some of the most important knowledge and wisdom available.

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  1. Griff Wigley on July 14, 2006 at 8:03 am

    Thanks for the kind words, Steve. My blog has been pretty client focused in the past… gradually trying to upgrade it, so I’m glad you noticed!

  2. Jeff De Cagna on July 14, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    Steve, I too appreciate the kind words about my (PI) blog. I’m trying to post on stuff I find interesting for my space and I’m glad you liked it too. Also really like your reading list! Thanks again!

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