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A Second Mobile TypePad Post

a_second_typepad_mobile_post_1Thought I’d do another quick post outside to show a better photo and because I’m thinking about how powerful this little mobile application is for a bunch of reasons.

Though we’ve been able to moblog (use a mobile phone to snap and upload photos) for some time, it hasn’t been brain-dead-simple to do for the average person. This app makes it so.

Imagine someone sets up a multi-author blog before a political rally and gives out credentials to several trusted participants. Then an incident erupts. Numerous participants snap photos, type up a paragraph and click “Post” in the app. Instantly there are multiple angles and perspectives both visual and written.

Next will come this possibility (and higher fidelity) photos, video and text as Wimax gets deployed and people can use a smartphone connected to Wimax to send faster.


This post brought to you by TypePad Mobile

TypePad has rolled out TypePad Mobile. Having purchased SplashBlog (which never worked for me), this application works well (though there is too much space below the photo and other tweaks which are necessary to make a post look decent).

What do I like at first glance? Posting from my Treo 700p…that is AWESOME. What don’t I like? Can’t create hyperlinks so to see more, go here.

Nothing is perfect and I see the possibilities with this *very* useful addition to the TypePad service.