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Providing them a clue to Web 2

Look at my blog picture. I’m a 28 year old technologist in the body of a slightly older guy (you gotta guess how slight by looking at my picture over there) and yet I’m stunned that others my age have zero understanding of the  tsunami of energy being poured into social software, online community, applications, connecting apps and creating mashups, content creation and consumption, and all the other touch points being pretty much driven by those under 35.

Maybe it’s because the control points are in the hands of people my age who are fairly out of touch with that tsunami and are instead laying on the beach looking at one another saying, “ Hmmm….wonder why the ocean is rushing out like that? Let’s go down there and pick up some shells.” Unless they wake up now, they’re gonna drown.

I’ve been wrestling with how to effectively communicate with the clueless and get better at providing them a clue to Web 2 (Web 2.0 that is…but using the “dot oh” ruins the rhyme). I can sell, persuade, market, engage in business development activities and generally convince even the most stubborn to at least concede that something is up — so how come it’s so hard to package something up and help people understand it quickly and easily?

*Finally* mainstream media is talking and writing about the things that are pulling people’s attention away from what their respective industries offer. Since those people presently clueless seem to be gaining most of their knowledge and information from that same mainstream media — I guess I should be a bit more magnanimous and kind in my thoughts about those just a bit further behind on understanding what’s going on.

Things are moving too fast though.

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