Archives for August 21, 2006


Design for Web 2.0

One of my client’s is involved in a web asset creation that will have lots of functionality. To their credit, they are HYPER focused on design as they totally understand that look, feel and all the other sensory delights that come from great design are mission-critical for their audience.

As I’ve been a confidant of their web developer and them, I’ve tried to listen closely to what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps I’m really jaded, but there is little that makes me gasp and say “Wow!” anymore. Until I saw these 15 pages of thumbnails leading me to fabulous design.

Though I’ve spent some time at Web Design From Scratch, I hadn’t before gone to some of the links placed there by Ben Hunt from  Scratchmedia. If you want to get a sense of some great design, follow the Links at the bottom of this page and you’ll get an eyefull…that’s where I found the site-of-sites linked to above.

By the way, why is it that many of the truly awesome graphic design magazines come out of the UK? I’ve also been coming across what I call “big thinkers” blogs and — when I click on their about pages — discover that they too are from the UK. Perhaps they just know more than we do that design matters…alot.