Conference with 500 people

Almost immediately after Skype announced a preview of something called Skypecasting, I had two thoughts instantly: “what a great opportunity to seize and build my brand even further” and “too bad people on regular phone lines can’t participate and that you’re only limited to 100 people.

Days later I’m on Skype’s partner page trolling through the offerings and come across HighSpeedConferencing. This site offered the solution to the last two problems: people on regular phone lines anywhere could call-in to the same conference the Skype users were in and the ceiling on attendees leapt to 500!

You can also get a permanent conference number for pre-scheduling, Web-based conference controls and more. Very impressive.

They’ve got premium features coming and I hope they offer call recording as an option. Since the quality of VoIP is so far superior in bandwidth than the cheesey 8khz frequency offered through plain old telephone service, my hope is that they offer at least 16khz recording capability. If they did so, every podcaster and audio conference holder would instantly choose them and use their service for interviews, Skypecast-like global audio conferences, and much more.

If you use Skype or Gizmo, perform podcast interviewing or are someone who’d benefit from building a global brand through the use of mass event audio conferences, this is your solution.

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