Destined to Repeat History?

As I struggle to deepen my understanding on what’s transpiring politically in the US, I’ve been reading numerous books (e.g., American Theocracy; State of Denial), visiting both “right” and “left” leaning blogs, and thinking about those things historically that might inform what many of us sense is transpiring: a grab for domestic and geopolitical control.

Some weeks ago I was perusing a book shelf at home and was compelled to pick up and re-read William Shirer’s famous tome, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich“. This time, I actually read what I’d previously just skimmed (to get to the “good parts”, the war years). What was particularly interesting this time was the political machinations that led to the rise of a regime led by a former tramp and junior officer. A regime that wouldn’t have been possible save for the acquiescence of the German people, including business leaders, the military, and all workers — as well as the appeasement of other countries.

Many reactionaries opt to paint our current administration with a brush that implies corrollaries between Bush and Hitler. While I don’t subscribe to those theories, what I do watch for are signs that those interested only in power and control are making their moves…and I’m seeing so many moves that are disturbing that I’m writing this post, knowing I’m going to catch heat for it.

The reason for this out-of-character, political post is because of the first third of Shirer’s book which describes — in great detail — all the things that sloooowly happened to allow the Nazi party to get into power, how both other governments and the German people acquiesced to their direction, and how none of them put up any kind of a fight (and could’ve crushed the party many times over). What most of us don’t realize is that it was more than five years between Hitler’s power grab to become Chancellor and the outbreak of WWII.

During that time there was a constant, methodical and slow erosion of Jews’ rights, honest intellectual education, free elections, and an acceleration in the police state. Due to Hitler’s truly phenomenal economic trickery that resulted in untold prosperity, the majority just went along with whatever the leadership wanted to do.

Are you not seeing slow, methodical erosion of those same sorts of things right here, right now? If not, open your eyes. It’s been interesting to me that several years ago I felt more frightened for the future of my country than at any other time in my adult life. I feel less fearful now since so many others have had their eyes opened and are willing to fight for liberty and justice for all.

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