Apple Tablet: Why it could happen…

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It makes perfect sense that Apple would deliver on a Mac tablet as discussed in this article at SmartHome. They have the experience, the ability to deliver a great device that is easy to use, and they’ve got the OS underpinnings to pull it off.

I believe this since I have a Newton running version 2.1 of the NewtonOS. Though the battery is hatched so I have to plug it in to use it, I’m still stunned that the handwriting recognition is far better than anything on the market today IMHO.

Inkwell, the handwriting recognition built into Mac OS X, has also added to my belief in the rumors of a Mac Tablet since at least 2000. I knew it could be done, Inkwell was fabulous (though surprisingly dumbed down and the handwriting recognition slightly worse using a Wacom tablet than my old Newton) and who could do a tablet better than Apple?

With Apple’s limited market share (though growing), I completely understand why they’d wait for a “perfect storm” of demand, market possibilities and cost to deliver a mass consumer product. With ubiquitous WiFi an increasing reality and use of multiple device types growing, the timing would be good.

With Apple’s iTV coming out in Q1 2007, what better device to hold in your hand that controls the media center, allows surfin’ the Web simultaneously and possibly controlling devices in the home? I’d personally use such a device for Skype calls as I’ve set my phone for simultaneous ringing to it and also to Skype…and thus I could answer my phone while surfin’ the web and watching the tube.

I can only imagine Steve Jobs waiting until handwriting recognition reached a level of perfection with which he’d be satisfied. If my own experiences and perspective are any indication, it’s quite possible we’ll see a Mac Tablet in January.

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  1. milliondollarcountdown on November 27, 2006 at 12:09 pm

    I could not agree more. Apple tablet is way over due since Newton. Given that I am a MacHead I will be among the first buyer.

    Also, I did a very unscientific survey of apple market share and found it to be much higher that market pundits had led me to believe.

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