Goodbye James

James Kim with his family

By now, most people have heard about the passing of James Kim. I didn’t know him, but felt the punch in the gut like others have when the news broke that they’d found him dead.

Next came the thought about the effort he and his bride put forth to safeguard their daughters and ensure that they survived. Then thinking about what I would’ve done in a similar situation…there’s no question I also would’ve ventured forth in an attempt to get help.

In a day of GPS, mobile phones, infrared heat tracking devices and other technologies, it’s pretty easy for us to minimize the fragility of our systems and the infrastructure we all take for granted. James came across as a man who not only understood technology (I watched him on the Screensavers on TechTV) but I seem to recall that all his digital camera testing was comprised of taking photos of his family.

Being just outside the confines of major urban areas — and especially in rugged terrain like that in the mountaineous region they were in — I still would’ve been aghast that we weren’t found earlier and focused on how to solve the problem of being found. After so many days, undoubtedly he knew that time was running out and the only solution was to take action.

As I type this came my last thought: James took care of his bride and babies for many days and they’re here because of him.


  1. Christopher Murray on December 6, 2006 at 7:03 pm

    Well, thanks for writing this, Steve. I feel the same punch in the stomach you describe. For days I’ve been holding this man, unknown to me before this, in my thoughts and prayers, hoping they will find him and that the story will end happily with this hero returning home to his family. I drove home tonight to my own two young daughters more thankful than ever to see them.

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