PC Sales Growth Slumping in US but Smartphones Growing

Just read this article in Macworld online about PC Sales Growth Slumping in the US:

PC sales growth in the U.S. sputtered to a halt in the third quarter of 2006, showing zero increase compared to last year, as vendors turned to strong overseas markets to generate revenue.

Worldwide, PC shipments grew 9.1 percent in the quarter, thanks to 13.5 percent growth outside the U.S., according to a report released Wednesday by IDC.

Knowing that smartphones are growing, I did a quick search and discovered this article about smartphone growth from Monday:

According to The NPD Group, the U.S. smartphone market has entered a significant growth spurt. October 2006 sales soared 230 percent from January of this year, rising from 216,000 units to nearly 715,000. On a quarterly basis in 2006, smartphone sales have risen more than four percentage points to more than 6 percent of new phones sold through October in the fourth quarter of 2006.

So if you’re developing a Web asset/application or buying commercial software for your organization, wouldn’t it be prudent to prepare for the certainty that your customers will be expecting and demanding to interact with you online from a variety of device types?

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