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Today I was in quite a spirited discussion with a client about buzz and viral marketing. The focus was on the absolute imperative of authenticity in blogging, podcasting, video creation and ensuring that claims were truthful. Thankfully this client is ready, willing and able to create and deliver really fun videos, isn’t interested in corporate-speak in any way and is willing to take a risk while also acting authentically.

The kicker? No matter who you are, it’s really hard to do a fun, viral video that doesn’t scream, “THIS IS A VIRAL VIDEO. PLEASE WATCH IT AND IMMEDIATELY ALERT EVERYONE YOU KNOW.” Every client of mine wants a magic bullet, some formula for instantly gaining attention, and usually I’m told, “We want one of those viral and buzz marketing doohickey’s” so we then work with their agency to create something that doesn’t trash their brand or make their target viewer think, “Oh geez…I’m embarrassed *for* them that they did this video!

Just like the months leading up to the dotcom crash when everyone seemed to think their Web site would automagically vault their business into the stratosphere, the notion seems to be that viral messaging and videos will do the same thing…somehow.

Unfortunately what you’re about to see — though tongue-in-cheek — is undoubtedly going to happen as even Joe’s Plumbing Shop decides that creating and uploading a viral video will be a perfect way to get attention. Take a peek at your one-stop-shop for learning all about viral and buzz marketing, the Viral Learning Center. It’s the #1, authentic place to learn all about viral marketing doohickey’s.

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  1. Brad Eleven on January 18, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    Brilliant! I’d be laughing out loud, but my jaw hasn’t finished dropping yet. FSR, I thought that blogging and podcasting were somehow immune to the obvious puffery that commercially-produced work tends to have.

    The source of the work–the work done before production commences–defines the quality of the product.

    I’ve just realized that the cheapness is more deeply embedded than the production values. Like construction projects, software projects, like most any project, the finished product has the design at its core. We learned decades ago that the appearance of content on the telescreen does not constitute a guarantee of quality. Now we’re learning that these new and exciting media are susceptible to the same problem: Poor design produces poor results. Even with beautiful, clear-lacquered coat of paint.

    I guess you just can’t polish a turd.

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