CTD for February 10, 2007

A brief podcast about Skype…the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) computer telephony software. In this show, I explain why I’m BOTH enthused and dismayed by Skype:

a)  Skype is a quiet and therefore tension-reducing product enhancing voice communications making them more intimate. It really enhances conference calls and simple voice calls in new and more important ways;

b) I tell a couple of personal stories of how Skype has provided meaningful communications for my family and one other with whom I’ve shared my Skype enthusiasm

c) Demonstrate Skype quality with a recording of a call with my bride who is on a Frankfurt, Germany hotel phone at the same time my daughter is racing through a shopping mall in Florida while on a cell phone

d) With a recording of using the Skype dialpad to get into interactive voice response systems, I demonstrate why Skype can’t yet be trusted or fully utilized for business voice telephony since its DTMS (Dual Tone Multi Frequency or touch tones) implementation is flawed

e) Lastly, I want to test out Skype-to-Skype recording while we’re both on decent microphones (vs. headsets) so I connect with fellow podcaster Tim Elliott of the Winecast podcast and we do an impromptu — albeit NOT optimized quality — discussion which I recorded.

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I'm CEO of Marketing Directions, Inc., a trend forecasting, consulting and publishing firm in Minnesota. Prior to that I was Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Lawson Software in St. Paul where I was responsible for all partnerships at this major vendor of enterprise resource planning software products and services. Read more about me here unless you're already weary of me telling you how incredible and awesome I am.


  1. Steve,

    Good to see you are back behind the mic… one “life hack” for your daughter is to use the camera in her mobile phone to take a picture of the sign in the mall parking structure, then just delete it after you find your car. I do this when I’m in a strange city and have not yet been lost trying to find my car.

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