Do you love spam too?

Before you get the wrong idea, I do NOT love email, comment or trackback spam…or even the one made by Hormel. When it comes to the digital kind I wonder often, “Who are all the knuckleheads or newbies that actually click on the links in spam and/or buy stuff to keep the spammers interested?” I don’t get it.

Just for grins, I took moment over lunch to look at just a few of the hundreds of spams per day that I get sent to my several email addresses:

Get all your favorite RX Meds Online! With discreet fast FEDEX shipping!
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Now you can order Original Viagra directly from Pfizer. Here:
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…and on and on.  All of us get the “Bigger boobs today!” or “Male erection enhancement” or “Come see me naked” spams. Again, who clicks on these and if they do, why would they buy? Someone has to be falling for these or spammers wouldn’t keep sending ’em.

I’ve had a couple of experiences in the past few years where I was able to track down an actual human associated with a spam email (he was advertising on a web site and was stupid enough not to buy the private setting for his domain name at Network Solutions…so I called him) but it didn’t go anywhere. Most of these are sent from other countries so I suppose that if ANYONE bites on an email it’s a positive reinforcement and — for someone who probably earns little per month — one transaction is probably a huge payoff.

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