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Mogulus just announced to their 15,000 beta testers that they were adding some new features (a “grid” to watch multiple channels at once) but that is not why I’m posting about them. Instead, it’s that you, yes you, can start and run your own TV channel and Mogulus is your very own TV Studio online.

This startup is also going to be broadcasting the NewTeeVee Live event on November 14th for free and using it as a pre-launch (end of November is launch) proving ground for what they’re offering.

Why is this a big deal and why should you care?

One reason is that you’ll be able to “attend” the NewTeeVee Live event as stated on their blog, “For those of you who can’t make it, the conference will be broadcast live by Mogulus, who prepared the promo below to give you a flavor of what’s to come. Joyce Kim of The GigaOM Show will be hosting the Mogulus broadcast with live hallway interviews.” More here.

Besides free attendance to this event, it also means that you have an atypically intriguing method of delivering high value video content with Mogulus and are able to connect and switch live to multiple, geographically disbursed people (who can be “talent” or content experts on webcams), switch to video feeds from rooms or events with a live television-like production method, and then run recorded videos 24/7 afterwards. The Mogulus player — though skinned with what I think is their default butt-ugly gray or even their special NewTeeVee orange like you see above — can be embedded anywhere (and I hope they provide different skins upon launch!).

Take a peek at the Mogulus video after the jump and watch the whole thing as you’ll get to the good stuff how Mogulus works, etc.) about halfway through.

I’ve used the Mogulus beta extensively as have two of my clients. Though the jury is still out on exactly how highly scalable the system will be (and the event above will be a great test), who will pay the bandwidth costs, how much global latency there will be and other issues affecting any media delivered live over the internet, the promise of what Mogulus is delivering is so overwhelmingly cool, so well thought out and executed, and frankly just so much fun to use that the ideas I have for using this tool are causing my synapses to fire like flashbulbs at a concert.


  1. Phil on November 1, 2007 at 11:10 am

    Great stuff! Can’t wait to explore monetization.

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