Think the Internet has progressed?

Tonight I spent some time roaming around inside the Internet Archive and came across the video below from a San Francisco public television show, The Computer Chronicles.

Here’s what it says at the Archive for this video,

It wasn’t quite the World Wide Web yet, but everybody started hearing about this thing called “the Internet” in 1993. It was being called the Information Superhighway then. This program looks at the earliest stages of the Internet including Aladdin Systems SITComm, a Macintosh communications program for Internet access, and the WELL (Whole Earth Lectronic Link), an early online community.

Also featured is a visit to the former Bell Labs in New Jersey (now Bellcore) for demonstrations of internet based teleconferencing, video on demand, ISDN, and optical network technology; a preview of the World Wide Web as used at NASA; a visit to where it all began, ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency in Virgnia; and a look at the Internet Multicasting Service in Washington, the first Internet radio station. Guests include Brendan Kehoe, author of “Zen and the Art of the Internet”, Howard Rheingold, author of “The Virtual Community”, Dr. Robert Kahn, former found of ARPA, and Carl Malamud, author of “Exploring the Internet”. Originally broadcast in 1993.

Take a peek at this now 14 year old video and realize how far we’ve come…and where we’ll undoubtedly be 14 years from now as the rate of change accelerates.

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  1. Matthew on December 23, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    While I don’t remember this specific episode, I used to watch Computer Chronicles all the time. I can’t get over how they keep calling it “Internet” instead of “the Internet” as in “connecting to Internet.” Oh, and everything is text based. You’ll even hear the old modem squawk. It is also surprising how all of the issues (like security, online music, standards) mentioned are still issues today. Who knew the Internet once had a 1-800 help line? Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Ken Kennedy on December 28, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    Wow…thanks for tracking this down, Steve. I do love the Internet Archive. And I agree…not only is it amazing how much HAS changed, it’s important to realize that our rate of change is accelerating. To tie in with your newer post; it’s REALLY important to get a tech-savvy President, as a two-term officeholder would be over halfway through the next 14 years…which will be mind-boggling.

    Thanks again for the link, and happy holidays, Steve!

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