Archives for May 29, 2008


Building a Social Network Strategically

Just completed round one of some due diligence I’m doing for a client who will require a white label social networking platform. The options are numerous, but many of them are not strategic, since it’s not yet clear if they can be extended or modified in the future which most of them appear not to be.

One key issue in social networks is that everyone seems to be building one (yes, I’m being facetious but it sure seems like it) and profile fatigue is growing as people express their frustration, “you mean I have to fill out yet another profile? Why can’t I just move the one I already have over at Face-Bebo-Hi5-Space?

Data portability and, especially, profile exchange between all of these networks will be absolutely critical for future success of any social network, affinity or plain-old-vanilla group online. Build a tactical destination now and you’ll end up an island like that blue sphere above.

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