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If you spend any time online participating, you undoubtedly use the same username on most services you sign up for on the Web (mine is “sborsch”). Because I do participate heavily, I’ve often had people reach out for a dizzying array of reasons.

One young man in the Ukraine touched base as we share the surname Borsch, and we’ve interacted on several occasions through a variety of ways (he comments here; we email; we’ve talked on Skype) and he recently sent me the video below.

Turns out he asked me if I knew that one form of Russian hip-hop was called “Borsch” (which, of course, is also the name of a Russian beet soup which I hate). I hadn’t so he sent me a link to one group, TEMNIY_PEREULOK, rapping on YouTube. Besides being really funny to hear these guys rapping in Russian, it has raised my curiosity on why this form is called Borsch and what the hell they’re saying!  😉

The point about this post isn’t the video or that they’re humorously rapping in another language, but rather how simple it is to connect with people anywhere there’s also an internet connection and both people are participants online in a meaningful way. Yes, language is a barrier and my hope is translators will continue to get better, but in the meantime I’ll just continue to connect like this in a serendipitous way.

How can you, for instance, use this to your advantage in your business? By participating, being in-the-game and building relationships online, it’s amazing how easy it is to have someone connect you with someone else (I get incredible access to thought leaders and experts this way) and how people connect with you in ways you won’t expect, perhaps taking you down a path you hadn’t intended (which has also happened to me, though I control myself on path-taking).

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