Twitter GMail Gadget Useful Elsewhere

The Twittersphere is all atwitter about a new Twitter gadget that can be added to Gmail. I put it in to my Gmail, but it was so squished I found it unusable.

Then I thought, “Hey! Wonder if I could use this link they offered on that page above to use the gadget, but instead insert it into a NetVibes widget on my startpage?”

So that’s what I did and you can see a screenshot to your right. I then added it to NetVibes using the blank any webpage widget (you just put in a miscellaneous URL into the widget in order to have a webpage then appear inside this widget). Worked great, is the perfect size, and quite useful.

Since I’d been trying to find a widget or gadget that I could use that still gave me ALL of the Twitter functionality within one, small space, I hadn’t found anything until today. This is perfect and is helping me on my quest to create a workflow of social media access for a client team who needs everything at their fingertips, and this way works well.

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