FINALLY! Me. Predict. Apple iPad.

Making predictions is always a crapshoot and I’m right about 65% of the time (just a bit better than a flip of a coin!) and have had some dismal failures, like when I predicted the Mall of America would fail miserably and it’s been a resounding success.

But FINALLY I kinda, sorta got one big one right. In a post on March of 2008 (Apple iPad: Would you buy a tablet-sized iPhone?) and again in one in April of 2009 (Apple ‘iPad’ (or ‘MacbookMini’) is it Finally Coming?), I guessed rightly that it would be a big iPhone OS device as well as the name “iPad”. My prize for such a great set of predictions? Nothing since I was WAY off on my timing.

Now that Apple’s iPad stuff is up on their website, I can see that holding (fondling?) it will certainly make me crack open my wallet and take one of these puppies home with me when they ship.

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  1. Nice – but I can’t resist gloating about having predicted it in 1998! I even got the name right.

  2. Steve Borsch says:

    Nice! I like “PAD”.

    Since you stteped in education, I fear it’s too sensitive a device for most of K-12. You?

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