Grandma Even Chuckles at Toddler Farts

Comedians around the world have formed a group called, “Seriously geeks? Your April Fools jokes are unbelievably lame!” Though the acronym “SGYAFJAUL” is a bit long and difficult to pronounce, the comedians intended to make their point in the most ludicrous way possible with the formation of this worldwide organization.

Though sometimes elaborate and painstakingly crafted, 99% of the April Fools jokes on tech/geek sites and blogs are simply not funny. Even my grandma wouldn’t crack a smile, and she’ll even let out a chuckle when my toddler farts,” explained internationally renowned comedian and SGYAFJAUL spokesman, Dward Farquard.

Dward Farquard

From Google’s “Gmail Tap” spoof (one that clearly cost some dough to produce the associated video) to Techcrunch’s “Google’s Sergey Brin To Retire: “I’m Really Into Blues Guitar” (one of several unfunny posts at Techcrunch on this April Fools day) the geeks are making Farquard’s point.

Year after year I hope for some post that would cause the corners of my mouth—anyone’s mouth—to turn upwards just a tiny bit with amusement,” said Farquard with some disgust, “But not ONE comedian I know has even cracked a smile with April Fools jokes online in years.”

Farquard continued, “My comedian bretheren and I, when we connected on a global Google Hangout last week for SGYAFJAUL, were all shuddering at the thought of yet another April Fools day and lame attempts at humor. Our only consolation? That we certainly will NEVER be out of a job and thank God every one of us in SGYAFJAUL is far funnier while sleeping than geeks are awake.”

Asked what he’d be doing on a Sunday April Fools day instead of catching up with all the latest tech news, Farquard looked at this reporter with a “Doh!” look and said, “Grandma’s coming over and we’ll listen to my toddler farting.

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