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Saw a commercial last night about a General Motors “up to $X cash back” on several of their cars, including the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. The $7,820 cash back would take the “Premier” model price-point drop down around the current 2017 entry-level model’s price.

So before heading over to our local dealer, Suburban Chevrolet, I was at my computer doing some other stuff so thought I’d try out their live chat and just ask about availability. There was no 2016 inventory on their website, but dealers know they have a limited window to dump last year’s models and will swap out vehicles when needed.

This live chat was such a complete and utter waste of time that I am drop-jawed American car companies still use such plaid-sport-coat sales tactics and it felt like I was car shopping in the 1970s.

Just so you know, the live chat was all about qualifying, and obtaining an email or phone number, instead of answering ANY simple question (one they should know, of course).

Read how this third party chat group evades answering anything…


This is the third party chat company website. Any wonder why they are so ineffective?

Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…

Please wait for the next available operator.

[Clark] Hello! My name is Clark. May I have your name please so I know who I’m chatting with?

[Steve] Steve

[Clark] Hi, Steve! Nice to meet you! How may I help you today?

[Steve] Wondering about the 20% on the Volt. I know it’s 2016 but do you have—or could you get—that year?

[Clark] I’d be happy to verify that for you. May I know how soon are you planning to purchase?

[Steve] yesterday

[Clark] Thank you. May I also ask if you would be trading a vehicle in?

[Steve] no

[Clark] That’s perfectly fine Steve. I will verify as to what we may have available and have my Internet Manager send you the details complete with other information you need. May I please have your email address where we can send this?

[Steve] no

[Clark] I understand. To verify, you would like to purchase through financing, correct?

[Steve] if it’s GM

[Clark] I’ll have that noted. You may also call Sales directly at (877) 350-6609. Our Dealer hotline is (800) 897-8937. I can also send this as a follow up just in case you won’t get through our lines. May I just have a good phone number where we may reach you at?

[Steve] Clark, the reason people use live chat is to distance oneself from the usual American car dealer’s “qualify at all cost” mentality. I just want to know if that 20% deal is on the Volt or not AND if you either have 2016s or can get them.

[Clark] I understand the urgency of your inquiry, however, we always want to provide correct and detailed information. You may call our dealership directly at the phone number I have provided. For reference, here is the link to our hours of operation. [Opened:] Are you able to see the page?

[Steve] I’m on the site now.

[Steve] I’m 5 minutes from your store

[Clark] I understand. Is there anything else that I may help you with, Steve?

[Steve] I’ve been in and test drove a Volt some time ago. Am interested, but also in two other vehicles which is why I don’t want to engage.

[Steve] Are you ending the chat without answering a simple, basic question?

[Steve] Are you even at that store? Or are you somewhere else?

[Steve] Hello?

[Clark] I’m in the Chat Department and we are located off site. I understand how much you want the information now, however I just want to make sure that I don’t mislead you on anything that’s why it’s best to have my Internet Manager confirm the details for us. Would there be anything else that I may assist you with today?

[Steve] No…other than this is a total and complete waste of time and I got zero out of this….except getting so pissed off that I’ve copied the chat and am sending it to Suburban Chevrolet’s sales manager.

So you can see their sole live chat mission is to qualify and send leads to the dealer’s “internet sales manager” so they can come after you.

This is why my last six cars have been ones from Acura, Mercedes, Toyota, and others who know how people shop and need information for decision-support.

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