Unlimited Inflight (and 35 million other places) Wifi for Only $10 Per Month

Is this deal too good to be true? Nope.

US Mobile is offering unlimited inflight internet service through the huge global provider iPass for only $10 per month using either the GoGo or Panasonic inflight networks. Yep…you can use it on several U.S. and international airlines but it gets even better as you’ll see below.

As a point of comparison, here is what GoGo charges for a single airline plan:

GoGo is still much more expensive (2 devices will cost $60 per month) and you’re still limited to a single airline. If you fly more than one airline — or even choose your single, favorite one — this new US Mobile offering will save you $40 per month if you only use a single device like your laptop. If you want to add your phone or tablet it will still be a lot cheaper at $20 per month and also offer you more flexibility with multiple airlines.

Here’s where this deal gets even better though. What happens when you land and want to use Wifi in the airport? Once you’re in the city and want to stop in to a coffee shop or restaurant? Or get online when you get to your hotel?

You can pay for all of those Wifi connections individually or access some other network provider like Skyroam ($8 per day), Boingo Wireless ($39 for 2,000 minutes per month), or XComGlobal ($7.77 per day), for much more money and significantly more limited options. Or you can buy that $10 per month US Mobile plan and you’re covered in every location and country iPass supports with access to 35 million hotspots around the world including those at hotels, restaurants and other locations.

Some people who travel extensively also often buy a SIM card for their phone for voice and internet access while on-the-go, but surprisingly many people commenting on various blogs and forums about this deal have been already using iPass (and a VoIP offering like Google Voice) to make free (or inexpensive) Wifi-based phone calls from anywhere in the world where they have access to Wifi. See this post at Uncommon Grad for more.

Find out what hotspots are open to you where you travel (or are going to travel) by going here: https://hotspot-finder.ipass.com/

The only caveat to this deal is it covers only a single device. While iPass multi-device plans are about $50 per month, it’s still a bargain if you want to cover your smartphone, tablet and laptop (or so you and another person can each use a device) since even three devices would cost you only $30 per month. From what I’ve read it’s not simple or easy to re-register another device (i.e., if you want to suddenly stop using your laptop and instead connect your tablet or phone) so most people are purchasing more than one plan for multiple devices.

There’s your deal-of-the-day.  ;-)

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