Don’t Be Un-American

I’m posting this since I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the growing negative attitude toward immigrants. Unless you are a native American, everyone else is an immigrant (though it could be argued that, since Columbus ‘discovered’ America, we were conquerors). Be nice, kids and adults.

According to a 2008 Hakes auction, this superhero item was released as a school book cover in 1949 and was distributed by the The Institute for American Democracy Inc.:

via Snopes

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  1. This negative attitude is, unfortunately, spreading around the world (including here in Australia). Popularist politicians base their campaigns around public fears. News outlets cherry-pick their stories to align with the “lazy gangs and dangerous religions” narrative. People in countries like America and Australia forget that it was only a few generations ago that we were the newcomers… that newcomers create wealth, opportunities and bring new tastes in food, fashion and entertainment.

  2. http://michael%20biller says

    The shallow seas of bigotry have far too many drowning in its waters. The propaganda machine crushes reality. There is but one human race. Just one.

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