How Much Memory Does My MacBook Pro 14″ Need?

Ten days ago I decided to replace my aging 27″ iMac Pro with the 14″ model of the new MacBook Pros for 2021. Knowing that my needs have changed, and my preference was to have a laptop that I could take anywhere with me as I traveled around, I opted for one of the new machines and the 14″ model was the perfect size.

But how much memory would I really need? I’ve always purchased as much RAM as I could afford, but these new M1-based CPUs are so efficient, I knew I could probably get by with less. Plus, the two Apple Geniuses I spoke with when in the store — who quizzed me about my needs at length — said I could easily get by with 16GBs of RAM and the Mac Pro version of the M1 CPU.

But I was not convinced…that is until I watched this video which, while not GeekBench like analysis, pushed me over the edge and convinced me to go with the 14″ model and only 16GBs of RAM…so I bought it that day:

I also picked up the LG 34WK95U ultrawide display along with a new OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock and a fast Sandisk 4TB Extreme Pro SSD disk. I’ve got the perfect set up for what I need today, as well as for the next several years.

One more thing…

On Apple’s website they call these machines and their new M1 Pro CPU “scary fast” and the M1 Pro Maxscary faster.” I can attest to the fact that, now running this MacBook Pro 14″ in my own office with my apps and files on it, HOLY CRAP IS THIS THING FAST!

Photoshop used to open in about a minute. Now Photoshop opens in 6.5 seconds. It’s that way with all of my apps. Damn…is this thing ever fun to use.

So if you’re in the market for a new machine, I highly recommend it.

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