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NSA Loses Control of THEIR Hacking Software and Apple’s Tim Cook Was 100% Right

By Steve Borsch | May 26, 2019

Remember when Apple’s Tim Cook wouldn’t put in a backdoor to iOS so the FBI could gain access to the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone? THIS IS WHY! If the NSA can’t control software as destructive as this, how can any government guarantee a compromised operating system won’t get in to the wild? (One guess: they…

Why I Am Buying the Honda Clarity PHEV Instead of a Full Electric Vehicle

By Steve Borsch | May 19, 2019

After moving to southern California in June of 2018, it became clear that the miles I was driving meant that it was increasingly uncomfortable to spend a lot of time in the white, 2013 Toyota Prius Persona I was driving. This car was one my 100,000+ air miles per year wife was driving up until…

Why We Should Accelerate the Use of Nuclear Power

By Steve Borsch | May 17, 2019

Yesterday’s post about our solar installation got me to thinking more deeply about the overall problem of renewables and that they are unlikely to be able to keep pace with the accelerating demand for energy. The only place I differ with many environmentalists is that, while renewables make so much sense and we need to…

We are having solar installed on our new home. In less than five years our cost for electricity will be nearly zero!

By Steve Borsch | May 16, 2019

Solar power generation is awesome … especially when it enables a person’s electricity consumption to become nearly free within a handful of years. Solar is a smart investment for us personally in our new home and could be for you, too. BUYING A SOLAR INSTALLATION WAS A NO-BRAINER FOR US When we moved from Minnesota…

Here is what I believe is the *best* backup solution money can buy

By Steve Borsch | May 15, 2019

It happened again this morning: A friend reached out to tell me their PC’s 1TB hard drive had crashed and could I help? Of course you guessed it, they did not have it backed up, the drive was toast, and they have either lost everything or could pay close to $2,000 to have the drive…

Cox: Want to add a service online? Not a problem. Delete an Add-on or Service online? You MUST call them!!

By Steve Borsch | May 7, 2019

I have to admit that I get irrationally angry when a major internet service provider like Cox does not allow true and complete management of one’s internet service online. It’s easy to add a Cox service in my account, like I did when our son’s internet use threatened to push us over our 1 terabyte…

When Minnesota Was on the Precipice of Dominating the New Field of Computers

By Steve Borsch | April 26, 2019

Around 1971 our neighbor across the street, Tom Thiers, pulled up in his bright blue Chevrolet Camaro. As a 16 year old kid close to getting my own car, I rushed across the street to talk to him and check-out the new car (new to him as it was a used 1st generation Camaro). Tom…

Why I Don’t Trust Social Login and Why WiFi Remote Access Should Be More Secure

By Steve Borsch | March 22, 2019

Do you use social login? How about for remote access to your home WiFi router when you’re not at home? Unless you have good password practices and multi-factor authentication, I recommend you do NOT enable remote access of any kind, and maybe consider never using social login ever again. I am very pleased with our…

Effective Green Screen Gear You Can Buy Inexpensively

By Steve Borsch | March 16, 2019

A screenshot of me, in front of my green screen, layered over a background image Wanted to show-off a bit with some new gear. I’ve been doing a bunch of tech-coaching for a guy I know and helping him with his website and, along with other client connections, I’ve increasingly been on webinars, online meetings,…

The Time is Now to Cut-the-Cord and Choose Streaming

By Steve Borsch | March 14, 2019

Want to cut the cord with cable TV and go streaming only? Let me tell you about my cutting-the-cord adventure and suggest what you might do if you are considering a move to streaming television, and though the time is now, there are some caveats to be aware of before you get the metaphorical scissors…