How Real is AI?

Since late 2022 it’s been nearly impossible to ignore all of the onrush of writeups, videos, and wild over-enthusiastic reactions to the major steps that have been made with artificial intelligence (AI), specificially OpenAI and its ChatGPT.

Like you have probably been doing, I’ve been staying aware of the baby steps, hyperbole and complete bullshit as it pertains to the fear AI will take over the world and destroy humanity as some pundits (and blowhards) intimate will occur.

Yes, cool things are happening with synthetic media (i.e., generative AI media) as well as text creation by ChatGPT-driven chatbots.

This is why I was pleased to see this discussion about “The Bing AI Overreaction” by Leo Laporte’s TWiT show Windows Weekly. Guests were long time Microsoft analysts Paul Thurrott and Richard Campbell. After watching this it *might* tone-down some of the over-enthusiasm and hyperbole of Bing’s “AI search” capabilities.