CTD for November 13, 2005

With literally a day spent wandering along the south shore of Lake Superior and down through the middle of Wisconsin, I had a lot of time to think, experience, wonder and explore. Several of my musings were around internet connectivity that would need to cover A LOT of geography.

Lots of people (like George Gilder) are comparing-n-contrasting the U.S. broadband penetration with that of Korea, Japan or Singapore. Come on…South Korea alone is 70% the size of Wisconsin! Just as a point of comparison, South Korea has a land mass of 98,640 square kilometers and Wisconsin has 169,642! Isn’t it obvious why a tiny country like South Korea has ubiquitous (and fast) broadband and internet infrastructure? The US geography is so enormous — and population density a fraction of other countries — that the investments needed here are huge.

While driving for hours I thought, “Hey! I could grab my M-Audio Microtrack and record a podcast.” So I did. Hope you enjoy it.

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CTD for November 6, 2005

Recorded on the M-Audio Microtrack…this week’s show discusses Web 2.0-like web services and more about the “dirty little secret” of performance with them.

I’m a user of several different web services (Flickr, Typepad, Gmail, Bigstep) and am growing increasingly anxious

In addition, some thoughts about Apple, iTunes, the iPod and what *could* be known about you and your listening habits is brought forth.

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CTD for October 30, 2005

It’s all about Dad (my 79 year old computing father). This week’s show is about dumping an old PC with a HUGE old 17″ CRT in favor of a new Mac mini and a 19″ Acer LCD monitor (less than $800 for the whole shebang). This is the perfect combination of a system easy to setup for a newbie. Plus, no viruses. No adware. No spyware. No worms. Yet.

Having an easy system to maintain is vitally important for those of us who wear a “tech support” hat for family and friends!

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CTD for October 9, 2005

A podcast after the close of the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

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CTD for October 2, 2005

This week’s show covers my new toy: the M-Audio MicroTrack portable compact flash recorder.

For those of you who have listened to my podcast for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve been on-the-hunt for a small, phantom powered, brain-dead-simple-to-operate device for portable podcasting. For now, I’ve found what I’ve been searching for (though an iPod with greater-than-8khz recording would be my all-in-one-device choice).

There are a multitude of stories I want to capture. Many are ones my 79 year old father has stored away in his brain. I plan on taking him to places within Minneapolis where he grew up and where he had experiences…since I loved listening to them as a kid and don’t want to lose them.

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CTD for September 26, 2005

Topics are: GoogleNet, Personalization, Recommendation, Predictive Analytics & Serendipity. I asked and you responded. Last show I requested that people email me and tell me if there was an interest in a multi-topic podcast…or a single one. Doing a single one won out.

So this week’s show covers a main theme about our pals at Google as well as some of the things that are possible (and being done) on the internet as companies watch, learn and act upon the data we’re handing them on a silver platter.

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CTD for September 18, 2005

Photography Fest from the Brainerd Lakes area in Northern Minnesota. This Fest is *not* an officially sanctioned photo event of the National Geographic Society. Rather it’s three guys getting together at one of the guys lake home in northern Minnesota for three days of snapshotting and getting in to the Zen of photography.

Mentioned on this podcast is Jim Brandenburg and his Chased by the Light project and DVD.

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