Connecting the Dots (CTD) Podcast

CTD for September 12, 2005

Yeah…I like the book and I’m not done with it yet! It’s sparked a lot of thought…so this week’s show talks about the new John Batelle book “The Search“.

The show also features those topics which hit Steve Borsch’s radar screen this week (which you can read below). Radar Screen is a segment that adds some “color” around the blog posts from in the past week.

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CTD for September 5, 2005

Talk about the web host BlueHost and tools for hosters called cPanel and the fabulous Fantastico, as well as items around New Orleans (and the blogger from there called The Interdictor). The show also features those topics which hit Steve Borsch’s radar screen this week. Radar Screen is a segment that adds some “color” around the blog posts from in the past week.

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CTD for August 28, 2005

This week’s podcast is a brief discussion about Mac OS X vs. Windows vs. Linux from one person’s perspective.

Frustration started with an attempt to install Linspire (a Linux distro) but it hung…creating a cascade of events with effort to rescue data from a hard drive that got corrupted, necessitating a re-install of Windows. Knoppix is discussed briefly which is a bootable CD distribution of Linux and — going forward — the only way Borsch will use Linux!

Also, the segment “The Radar Screen” follows with a brief recap of the items that hit Borsch’s radar screen this past week.

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CTD for August 19, 2005

It’s a podcast from the 5th Annual Dad & Son Adventure. Up at a cabin on the north shore of Lake Superior for the weekend, Alex and his Dad record this week’s podcast.

Besides goofing around (and Alex dissing his Dad constantly), the theme was how Alex’s world with technology (and books) is incredible in comparison to what Dad experienced at 10 years of age. A lot has changed but the lake — and the waves rolling in you can hear on the podcast — have not. (Though it’s probably fair to point out that, due to its proximity to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, the north shore is quickly being built on, traffic is increasing and it’s becoming more commercialized).

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CTD for August 14, 2005

Topics: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution; PodcastMN meetup; a new segment called “Radar Screen” which covers several of the past week’s events that hit Steve’s radar screen.

Washington Post 8/14/05, 9:33pm: Harvard Jumps in to the Evolution Debate (link is dead as of 7/12/16). Harvard University is joining the long-running debate over the theory of evolution by launching a research project to study how life began.

Evolution is a fundamental scientific theory that species evolved over millions of years. It has been standard in most public school science texts for decades but recently re-emerged in the spotlight as communities and some states debated whether school children should also be taught about creationism or intelligent design.

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CTD for August 12, 2005: iRiver iFP899 Test

In an ongoing quest to find an affordable and high quality portable podcasting device, I make a brief recording with the iRiver iFP899 using the AudioTechnica ATR55 shotgun, powered, condenser microphone with mini-plug.

After investing about two hours trying out this device and putting it through its paces, I decided that it wouldn’t be acceptable for portable podcasting. I need a device that is as simple as a point-n-shoot digital camera if I hope to focus on the audio content vs. goofin’ with the recorder (and its crackling mini-plug line-in is a deal-killer). Also, my bride won’t be able to quickly perform on-the-spot interviews at trade shows unless it’s just like using a handheld digital camera: powerful and of excellent quality but able to take those shots a person has two seconds to set up.

Take a listen and you’ll also hear the crackles and pops of the mini-plug moving around…not good. So I’ll be returning it to Best Buy tomorrow morning and I’m back on the hunt for an acceptable quality, easy to use, portable podcasting device.

Still going to check out Giant Squid whose products have been discussed at the Podcast Alley forums and people seem to love his stuff.

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CTD for August 7, 2005

INCENTIVES AND FEAR: This week’s show is going to take a bit of a twist on connecting the dots and hopefully will act as a wakeup call. The focus is on seemingly benign moves that could become a threat to you if you’re not watching, listening and thinking.

Freakonomics, Beyond Fear, the FCC, terrorism, and the government all play a role in this week’s podcast.

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CTD for July 17, 2005

Today’s show cover’s “Connecting the Dots is live on iTunes!”; quick snippet from Dr. Moira Gunn’s Tech Nation interview with author Harry Dent as well as one from Diggnation’s podcast with former “The Screen Savers” hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

Lastly, an interesting moment (which happened during recording) where Steve stops the podcast and goes online to quickly quantify the number of podcasts on iTunes, Podcast Alley and Podnova.

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