Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) Spring Conference

I’m sitting on a panel right now with Graeme Thickins (Tech~Surf~Blog), Rich Scorza (The Keel Group) and Aaron Fulkerson (MindTouch) at the MHTA Spring Conference and thought I’d post from a presenter’s point of view. This post was made using my Palm Treo 700p and Typepad’s mobile softwarethat lets me blog from wherever I have a cell connection.

Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke this morning and my panel is focused on Next Generation Web. Engaged audience and it really pleases me that so many in Minnesota care about our state and high technology.

Gotta go…my colleague is finishing up and we’re heading into Q&A time…

Photography Fest

After buying my Nikon D70 last summer and taking it on our Alaskan cruise — snapping over 700 pictures — I was lamenting to a friend that I was bummed only a dozen or so pictures were ones I was proud of taking.

Eric spent some time easing my mind by describing the experiences he’d had (after years of photography and an analytical mind that understands the nuances of the camera) and that this low number was not atypical. In fact, photographers often take hundreds of photographs to get a single one.

Next, I gained understanding of the 2 or 3 “golden hours” of light best for landscape or outdoor photography (right after dawn and before sunset). Otherwise, the temperature of the light was too high and the dynamic range of the photo was minimized (i.e., they look like crap and marginally interesting). Shadows and the warmth of the golden hour light were best.

So tonight I’m headed up north to Eric’s lake home. He, his friend and I are going to have a photography fest over the weekend. Taking pictures, geeking out over our respective cameras, having fun and understanding how to improve as a photographer are the goals.

Minimal postings this weekend…