Rise of the Participation Culture

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Before we knew it as “social media”, some of us called it the “participation culture.” In early 2006 I decided to put together a report and take a peek. Though many of the sites, web applications and devices described in the report have changed dramatically, thankfully much of the report’s insights remain valid.

Starting in early 2006, I found myself presenting to groups and teams about the Internet-as-a-platform, Web 2.0, social media, and the acceleration of an always-on, always-connected mass of people who were participating online in new and fundamentally different ways…but continually delivering the same basic information over-n-over again. I put together this report, gave it away free (it’s had over 13,000 downloads as of August, 2008) and often recommend it as a pre-read before presentations with client teams.

The primary premise of this report is a good baseline overview and is entitled, Rise of the Participation Culture.


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