Listen & Make Up Your Own Mind

Since I grow incredibly weary of arguing with people whose data points come from talking heads at Fox News/MSNBC/CNN, the “Tea Party,” from Sarah Palin’s Twitter feed or any strictly partisan outlet, I only ask that they invest some of their precious time in listening. The non-critical thinkers don’t even have to try to find news outlets that offer mostly pictures instead of those hard to digest big words in paragraph after paragraph of text.

Rather than watch a 90 minute movie this week, instead watch this short speech and long Q&A between President Obama and the House Republican caucus. THIS is reasoned dialogue without all the rhetoric, spin and positioning, making Obama out to be the anti-Christ so that the Republicans can have the audacity of hoping for a shot at the next presidency.

President Obama’s short speech and hour of Q&A:

The Republican leadership response. No demonizing and they come across as reasonable, willing to engage in conversation, and men who don’t embarrass me as someone who used to identify with this party, more than a decade ago before they lost touch with reality: